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Oh Hai

I haven't posted to this journal in forever. Heh.  Mostly when I do journal now, I blog about writing and I have a separate blog for that.

But I have LiveJournal nostalgia. I mean, I've been keeping this thing for like what? Almost 10 years (will be 10 in June of this year, eek).

I put up my writing goals on my writing blog.  But here are my non-writing goals, which I'll post about on this blog in an attempt to keep myself on task.

Goal 1: lose 126lbs this year.  This will put me right at the lower middle of a healthy bmi and at a weight I can live with. 

Goal 2: get back in shape. I can still walk a couple miles without wanting to die, but that's about as good as I can manage these days. Part of the issue is that with my weight so high, I am suffering a lot of the injuries, aches, and pains that being fat brings on my poor body.  I want to be fit enough to climb again by next winter and fit enough to go hiking this summer.

Goal 3: make positive changes in my thinking to help me overcome this stupid eating disorder and get control back.  I plan to do this by making an effort to surround myself with healthy friendships, with self-talk, and by communicating to the people in my life what I need from them to assist me.

I'll try to do weekly posts with my progress and stuff. I'm also planning to talk frankly about my eating disorder again, because sometimes I just need to vent and I also feel that people hear a lot about anorexia but a lot of the sufferers of COE and BED don't talk about it (because hey, you are fat, so just stop eating, right?). 
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